The Ummaid Bagh Resort Bundi

Shreeji Ummaid Singhji, The 18th ruler of Bundi state in the year AD 1796 gifted this farm to his sons Sardar Singhji and Bahadur Singhji. In the gone by days this used to be the Aaraamgaha or the royal rest house. Maharaja Rajendra Singhji of Dugari the present owner of the farm decided to convert and promote this place into a majestic camping site for foreign tourists visiting Bundi and the Hadoti belt of Rajasthan state.

The Ummaid Bagh Resort in Bundi is a living farm situated on the banks of lake Jait Sagar It is just 2km away from Bundi city surrounded by mountains and a lake on all three sides. It is the home to many migratory birds in winter.

Location: N25° 72' 42.3" ,E075° 39' 14.1" Height above sea level : 286 Mtr

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